• Armed Security for short or long term periods :

Site protection (mobile or stationary), Convoy protection, Prospecting team protection, VIP's security, Evacuation plans.

  • Private Operational Assistance :

Basic Training, Specific training, Creating new units, Reorganizing existing units, Operational support, Strategy Advice, Airborne Logistics.

  • Airport Security:

Security Training for Crew Personnel, Set-up of Surveillance and Intervention Special Units, Threat and Vulnerability Assessments.

  • Recruitment :

"Outsourcing" : EHC Group can deploy highly trained personnel within short notice, for any requirement (e.g.: Iraq)

EHC Group also provides personnel for specialized missions (e.g.: offensive business intelligence)

EHC Group conducts a wide range of missions. Our Group draws its workforce from a carefully maintained database of over 600 former Defense and safety professionals.

Our operatives are skilled and experienced professionals who provide their expertise in the preparation and their skills in the conduct of any given mission

For more informations : contact@groupe-ehc.com

  • Training Center for PSD and Protection in Hostile Environments :

- Under construction -

  • Expatriation Special Assistance Services :

- Under construction -